Safety & Compliance

Our company has a NHVAS Management plan in which all employees are provided with and have input into. Our Operational Safety Policies are –


All year Round

NHVAS Mass, Fatigue & Maintenance Management

Cert III Driver Ops

Safety Induction

OHS Policy

Alcohol and Drugs Policy

Anti Discrimination Policy

Environmental Policy

Fatigue Impairment Policy

Fitness for Work Policy

Quality Policy

JSEA Documents

Safety Gear

All Year Round


Drivers Licences

White Cards


Long Sleeve Pant

Long Sleeve Shirts

Hi Vis

Safety Glasses


First Aid Kit

Fire Estingusher



Safety Paperwork

Varies on Customer Requirements


All operators are aware of and use our JSEA system.


We also ensure compliance with customers systems while on site and under their operational control.


All vehicles have a daily inspection checklist, which is completed prior to the day’s first job.


Our drivers also complete the require fatigue management paper work while operating on long haul trips.

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